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25% Deposit Bonus – Baazex

The 25% Deposit Bonus for clients is possibly the most cherished reward available.A bonus on your deposit gives you a considerable amount up to $500 on top of your investment amount which gives you the capability and flexibility to start trading with even more control and more assurance.

Joining Link – 25% deposit bonus from baazex

Offer is Applicable :  New Clients.

Ending Dates : Until December 31, 2021.

How To Apply :

  • Register a new live trading account.
  • Complete verification.
  • Make the minimum required deposit.
  • Apply for the 25% Bonus.

Withdrawal Conditions :  

  • Bonus – No
  • Profits – Yes, after a deposit is made and trading conditions have been met.

Bonus Terms & Conditions

  • If the part of trader’s own funds are withdrawn after the bonus has been claimed, the part of the bonus will be canceled. For Example: If you deposit $1000 to your account, receive $250 deposit bonus and then withdraw $200, $50 from deposit bonus of $250 will be cancelled. However, if you make profit, you can withdraw the profit made anytime and it will not affect your bonus.
  • The Company reserves the right to refuse offerings of 25% Deposit Bonus at its sole discretion without the need to provide justification.

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